debt reduction planner

I’m reading a (terrific!) book called Miserly Moms. It makes reference to a debt planner located here…

… and I must say, this is the best debt planner I’ve ever seen! It is a simple way to plug in all your debts and see what kind of variations you can make in order to pay it all down more quickly. This is the kind of calculator that we searched for but never found when we were walking people through the Money Merge Account program. Seriously, this is a great calculator! You’ve got to try it.

Note: It says that it’s for credit card debt, but it really doesn’t matter; you can include any time of debt. If you’re familiar with Dave Ramsey or Crown Financial, the Fixed Payment option works perfectly with what they call the snowball effect.

I am enamored with this thing. It is a number-cruncher’s dream come true!

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free Christian audiobooks

Did you know that has a different free Christian audiobook each month? This month’s is called Adopted for Life. You have to sign up with a new account, but there is no credit card information required, and you can download each book multiple times if need be (which is handy for us, since all of our iTunes stuff mysteriously vanished this month).

I have been downloading these free audiobooks for Keith for a year or more and have yet to actually listen to one myself. But hey, it might happen one of these days.

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free Christmas music, etc.

We’re still doing a lot of personal reflection on the whole “preparing to be out of work” thing, so I haven’t had the heart to write about preparing to move and preparing to have another baby. In lieu of those posts, then, here are a few freebies and one great contest.

Amazon has a new free Christmas song available each day this month (and you can download the already-revealed ones as well). They also have a free five-song classical Christmas sampler and a free seven-song Sampler Claus selection available, along with various individual free Christmas songs if you look around the site a bit. Additionally, Amazon has a good deal of free non-Christmas MP3s available all the time.

iTunes has a free twenty-song holiday sampler available. (I recommend deleting #14 – it’s an advertisement song and I found it rather annoying.) has a different free audio book each month. This month it is The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Also, make sure you stop by Dave Ramsey is giving away different prizes every day this month. Today it’s $1000 cash!

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