thoughts on groceries: shopping every day

I’ve been rather slow in getting out my thoughts about shopping with coupons, so although I’m still meaning to get to that, today I’m going to share this article that I just read about buying your groceries European-style:

I used to shop much more frequently (and thus get more deals) before Rilla was born, but even with our favorite grocery stores being so nearby, it is utterly impractical to go shopping every day. Because most grocery sales last at least a week, I think once a week is an excellent way to ensure hitting most of the bargains, even if it means missing the most temporary of individual markdowns. If you know your local grocery store well enough and are really into finding the very best of deals, though, you may know what days and times are best for hitting marked-down bread, produce, meat and dairy products. You can always ask a grocer the best days to find these markdowns and plan accordingly.

I haven’t sought out the bargain fruits and vegetables for a while, mainly because of my pickiness in the area of buying organic, but in college we used to ask for the bargains in the back and could get a bag of use-me-right-away vegetables for a dollar or two. I still peruse the discounted bread rack, although it’s usually just to find something unhealthy for Keith as a treat.

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  1. Treats are always good, once in a while! I am the worst at looking at coupons- Dan and I are trying to improve.

  2. That is a good idea to ask for almost too old produce. I will have to try that this summer; maybe I can get a few boxes of fruit to make into jam or something. I did that a few years ago when someone gave me a box of over-ripe pluots. Lets just say pluot jam is gross! It is unrealistic to shop everyday, especially if you have to drive! I think it would be really fun, though, to live right next to some sort of open-air market, like they have in Europe, and to walk and buy your produce and fresh bread every day!

  3. That is a good article you linked to. But I think the author has overlooked a key point: you can buy several packs of marked down meat on your weekly/monthly shopping trip, and it doesn’t have to be used the day you buy it. You just freeze it as soon as you get home and thaw on the day you plan on cooking it. Could save her a lot of daily trips if sale meat for dinner is all she is buying!

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