this year’s goals

Thanks for the encouragement on the last blog post.

We don’t know what the next twelve months will hold. Adding another baby to our family will no doubt mean lots of fun new expenses which could make it difficult to meet this year’s goals. It’s even more difficult to meet goals if we don’t set them at all, though, so here are the major tenets of our personal financial goals for 2010:

1) Acquire $2000 in an emergency fund.

2) Contribute $1000 to our Roth IRA.

3) Pay off about $7300 in principal on our debts.

It is undetectable on the surface, but there is something different about this year’s goals as compared to the past four years. Perhaps I am learning the art of what Proverbs calls slow and steady plodding, or perhaps it is simply a matter of being content in our circumstances. Either way, my secret thought behind every previous financial goal has been this: “But really, I want to pay off EVERY CENT and I want to do it THIS YEAR.”

I feel now that such thinking has done more harm than good.

Not that it is wrong to desire to be out of debt, but setting unrealistic goals only sets me up for dissatisfaction, even as we make strides toward financial freedom. We have several major things taking place in the next six months which could either help us greatly or set us back greatly, and yet I am not worried about them. (Well, not most of them.) We will work hard toward these goals and trust the Lord to direct our steps in financial matters as in all others.

And if the end of 2010 doesn’t show the bottom-line number that we are hoping to see, we’ll still be okay.

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  1. Amen! I’m so glad you’re thinking realistically about things! It will be exciting to see how this year goes!

  2. Dearest, you are such an encouragement! :hug: Our goal this year is to finish out our emergency fund with the full 6 months expenses… next stop, anhilating the student loans.

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