on going to weddings

Our family of three took a trip to Utah over Thanksgiving weekend. It was our first time returning there since we moved away more than two years ago, and so it was largely a visit to see old friends. The big impetus for us to go, though, was the wedding of a dear lady who is very much due for a beautiful new season in her life. We had the privilege of seeing her glow as only a bride can. We had the honor of witnessing the joining of two hearts and two families. It is not something we will soon forget.

Weddings are one of those unnecessary expenses and time-consuming activities that Keith and I believe are worth it. On our first full day of marriage, we were driving to Oregon for our honeymoon and talking about our own wedding when we decided that as a married couple, we would go to the weddings of our friends whenever we possibly could. We were so blessed by those who had traveled, set aside studying for finals week, and so on to be with us as we pledged our lives to one another that we just felt it was one of the most important decisions we could make to be there for others in the same way. Looking back on the 25+ weddings we have attended since that time, there were definitely seasons when it has been inconvenient or literally took all of our money to get there and back. But we have never regretted going to the weddings of our friends.

So why does it matter so much? We go to weddings not just for the free food – although that is always nice – but because we believe that marriage is an institution created by God and worthy to be honored. It is a privilege to be invited to witness two people enter into a lifelong covenant relationship. Marriage is greatly undervalued in our culture, and we feel that it is a beautiful thing to be able to support our friends not only on their wedding day, but also in the years ahead to be able to pray for them and encourage them to live by their wedding vows.

This blog is about finances, of course, but there are so many things in life that are more important than finances. It is easy for me to fall into the trap of thinking money is the important thing, but it’s not. It’s what we do with it that matters. It is given to us as a tool and a blessing. Going to weddings when it is not the most convenient timing continues to be an encouragement to me, both about what really matters in life and as a reminder of all the other times God has provided for the details in situations. Many times we have taken off work and spent money that we couldn’t afford so that we could go to the weddings of our friends, and look! Nothing disastrous happened. Maybe we’d have a little more debt paid off if we hadn’t gone, but who cares, what good is having provision if we don’t use it to build relationships?

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  1. James. I’ve often thought of you and keith and those many weddings you are always part of! I have this funny feeling that if I ever get married I’ll see your happy faces in the crowd!! Right???? PEI!!!anyways. thanks for this and its awesome to see your values and your heart and you already know this, but I find this blog really encouraging and necessary for me to read. Its awesome reading about money from someone who loves Jesus. Love ya!

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