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Since one of my four loyal readers pointed out that I haven’t written on here in a while, I’m taking a few moments while Rilla is napping to catch up a little bit. I don’t want to be disappointing 25% of my readership, you know!

Actually, one of my friend’s comments really got me to thinking about the way I view debt. She is mired in it too, yet she said that it is her responsibility and she wants to pay it all back. You know what? I don’t think like that. My thoughts are more along the lines of it being unfair that I ever had to go into debt to begin with, and thus the world owes me something and my debt should just magically disappear. Really, when I stop to admit it, I actually think like that.

And that is why I think that rather than God granting us some huge windfall that makes it all go away, Keith and I are going to have to continue to plod through payment after payment until it is all gone. I have felt like that ever since we graduated from college. We know plenty of people who have supernaturally had their loans forgiven or instantly paid for in one way for another. But I feel like God wants to teach me something in the slow and steady plodding that comes from the long-term commitment to pay off debt. There is definitely a discipline and a patience being cultivated through all of this.

Lately we have had several things come up which seem to have slowed us down a bit in the debt-paying-off process, specifically Christmas presents, a trip to visit friends in Utah, the realization that Keith will likely be out of work in two weeks, preparing to move again, and beginning to prepare for Rilla’s sibling who is due in May.

Each of these expenses (and the choices we have made that led to creating each expense) carry with them all kinds of implications, so maybe I’ll just delve into a few via a short little blog series. Look for it over the next few days…

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  1. Glad you’re blogging on here again! I was beginning to think there was nothing financial left to say 🙂 I’ll be looking for your mini-series!

  2. I’ll be checking in regularly!
    I feel like if life didn’t get in the way, all our debt would be payed off. But things (illness, to be exact) keep popping up- and when everything is compiled, it really adds up.

  3. You already know how I feel about this topic!! Thanks for your thoughts on this!!

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