soups & cereals

I love a good deal on food for my family.

Especially delicious organic food.

Today Fred Meyer had Pacific Natural soups (our favorite) on sale for $2 per 32 ounce carton. Cascadian Farm cereals (also a favorite) are on sale for 2/$5, plus an instant $1/off coupon for every two purchased, bringing the cost down to $2 each on those as well. I bought 12 soups and 8 cereals for a total of $40 + tax. At regular prices, I would have paid $72 + tax. Not that I would buy them at normal prices, but still. I’m excited.

It’s possible that somebody else would somehow find a way to make their own organic foods for slightly less than what I just paid, but this is what works for me.

I only wish I’d bought more cereal.

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