gourmet pizza for less

It’s been about six months since we discovered a little secret about our favorite take-and-bake pizza place.

If you go to Papa Murphy’s within an hour before closing, and especially at the tale end of that hour, it is incredibly easy to get a good deal. We’re told the reason is that people often call in orders throughout the day and then don’t pick them up. Additionally, the employees occasionally make pizzas incorrectly. These add up to the fact that the place tends to have a good number of extra pizzas at the end of the day which will need to be thrown away unless somebody buys them.

This is where we come in.

Last night, Keith picked up a large deep dish pizza, breadsticks, and a dessert pizza for under $7. Another time, we got three pizzas for $9. These are huge gourmet pizzas, mind you. We’ve probably hit them up ten times or more for good deals. Whatever we can’t eat, we toss in the freezer, and then we have delicious pizza to choose from whenever we need it.

I’d say we average $3 per pizza, which is not bad for a huge amount of fresh ingredients and enough to feed us both for two or three meals. I doubt we could make the whole thing ourselves for that cheap.

And neither of us mind having an excuse to buy pizza.

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  1. Wow! What a great idea! We are totally going to have to do this! I had no idea that was even possible! Ahhh, the things I learn from other smart thrifty people! How do you get those deals? Do you have to ask, or do they offer them to you?

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