neighborhood arboretum

Rilla and I just returned from yet another walk to our free neighborhood arboretum.

Our new neighborhood is one of the worst ever for somebody who likes to go on walks. Dead end one block north, dead end two blocks east, dead end one block west. We can either walk in a two-block square or we can go two blocks south to one of the busiest streets in the city. Beyond that lies the freeway. Not a very great set-up, but fortunately our time here is cheap and (God-willing) only for a season. There does happen to be a Lowe’s Home Improvement Center nearby, though, and I have designated it our own personal arboretum.

I always feel rather silly leaving the house just to walk a few blocks to Lowe’s, but I return surprisingly refreshed. Here are the benefits to having a Lowe’s in our neighborhood:

  • Thousands of beautiful blooms and no weeding.
  • Smooth aisles to stroll up and down.
  • Gives me a destination for our daily walks.
  • Teaches Rilla to appreciate flowers.
  • Soothes my frequent longing for a flower garden.

Seems ridiculous, right? But I am learning to appreciate and be thankful for ridiculous money-saving resources such as this one. And it is fun to watch my not-quite-five-month-old daughter gaze with mouth agape at the bright blooms all around her. She recently entered the shoving-things-in-her-mouth stage, so I can’t hand her broken flowers to hold anymore, but she is beginning to enjoy looking at and touching the water flowing through the store’s numerous lovely fountains. Plus she’s always nice and tired when we come back home, so I can put her down for a good nap and bask in the afterglow of a good outing.

Hmmm… Rilla’s nap is over, and thus so is this post.

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  1. I am surprised that Matt and I have not ran into you at Lowe’s yet. We go there or Home Depot quite frequently – and we always walk through the garden section.

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