a blog is born

It’s about time.

I’ve had it in mind to start this blog for oh, a year or two now. I’ve written innumerable entries in my head, but that storage space is running out of memory. It’s time to get going on this thing.

My husband and I have spent much of the last two and a half years dedicated to working with a company called United First Financial, which helps people to get out of debt years ahead of schedule. We have also spent a great deal of time working with our own personal finances and discovering innovative ways to save. Thus, this blog is designed to serve two purposes.

First, it should be a resource to other UFirst agents who are working through the issues associated with selling the Money Merge Account program. For us, this has often meant learning to respond graciously to friends who doubt us or colleagues who view us on the same level as juice salesmen (and therefore try to entice us to become juice salesmen).

Secondly, this is a chronicle of personal tools and techniques used on our own road to financial freedom.

Why combine the two topics, you might ask? Well, the first reason might be obvious… nobody is reading this yet, so it doesn’t really matter much what I do. But the second reason is that after struggling through a few years of trying to appear carelessly, wealthily professional, we have realized that to be simply salesmen just isn’t our thing. We do believe in the Money Merge Account program, and we do believe that it has the power to do for careless people what frugal people can’t do with all their striving; in other words, it works wonders that mere frugality just can’t. To share the Money Merge Account program, we feel increasingly that we must share ourselves. Our own struggles, our own victories.

I don’t know how this thing will go. I just know that I have stuff to write about and so I need a place to write it. If this blog is helpful to others in some small way, so much the better.

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